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How I Avoided Hip Surgery And Eliminated Sciatica In Less Than 30 Days

Without invasive surgery, addictive painkillers, or expensive physical therapy sessions every week

03/06/2024, By Suzanne Muller

In this article, you’ll learn why sciatica pain seems impossible to get rid of and what the real solution is (hint: even most physiotherapists don’t know this!)

Note: After reading, you’ll never suffer from debilitating sciatica pain again!

I used to feel that going to bed at night was like going into a torture chamber instead of a place of comfort and rest.

That’s because my sciatica has not only made it extremely difficult to sleep but bombards my hip with stabbing pain as soon as I lie down in bed.

When it attacked, my only hope for relief was the bottle of painkillers by my bedside. It dulled the pain for a while, and I had to constantly increase the dosage for them to take effect.

I wanted to stop taking them because of the side effects. But when the pain came, I just closed my eyes and swallowed the pills or I would go crazy.

I was a total wreck because of sciatica.

I had nothing to look forward to but pain, pain, and more pain.

I tried everything from massages to physical therapy and even resorted to cortisone injections. 

But nothing worked.

I was in so much suffering that I even considered ending it all.

But then, I remembered my family and grandchildren, especially little Jonah, who would drag me to buy him ice cream at the mall during our weekend get-together.

I promised the boy that I would take him to Disneyland for his birthday. And he’d always call me at the house asking how many more days before we could see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

I would say it’s just a few more days. But deep inside I was crying because my sciatica had made it impossible for me to even walk past our gate.

My ordeal began when I started getting older…

I’ve always been an active person, playing tennis on weekends and tending to my small garden on weekdays.

I would be on all fours tending to all sorts of flowering plants and edible herbs and still have enough energy to go ballroom dancing with my husband, Jerome.

But those were the days when I was free of sciatica. 

When I reached my mid-50s, I started feeling a dull pain in my hip when I stood up. Soon, I could no longer squat or jump without wincing. Climbing up and down the stairs would send stabbing pain to my hip and lower back. Driving is out of the question because merely stepping on the gas was painful.

But the worst part is lying in bed and praying for the sciatica pain to subside just to be able to catch a few hours of sleep.

My family was just as distressed as I was…

What’s even more tragic about sciatica is the effect that it has on your loved ones as they see you suffering.

My husband was always by my side, helping me get up from bed and chair and assisting me as I climbed up and down the stairs.

At night, he wouldn’t sleep, handing me my painkillers and gently stroking my hip in the hope of giving me a semblance of relief.

He also spent the day combing the Internet, trying to find a solution to my sciatica.

His persistence paid off because, one day, he rushed to my side and told me about this physiotherapist called Dr. Austin from New York! He has developed an unconventional solution to sciatica that had gone viral after it helped thousands of sufferers who were desperate for relief.

We wasted no time to go and see him. But along the way, I thought that after I had tried everything without finding relief, he’d recommend a new surgical procedure. 

The thought terrified me because I have always been scared of being operated on. But as the sciatica pain got more excruciating, I thought I had no choice.

Imagine my surprise when, after examining me, Dr. Austin said…

There’s NO need to undergo hip surgery!

When Dr. Austin said this to me, I felt a wave of relief wash over me…

I had read countless horror stories of people finding themselves in even more pain than before after the surgery!

He told me that there was a non-invasive way to relieve my sciatica pain within the next 30 days.

“While I can’t guarantee results, this exact method has helped over 5,000 people dramatically reduce their sciatica, lower back pain, hip pain, and groin pain”

I Could Finally See It, A Light At The End Of The Tunnel - A Future Where I Could Live A Pain-Free Life Again...

“Let me show you what’s been responsible for helping my other patients get rid of their sciatica pain,” Dr. Austin continued.

He then grabbed something from his desk and showed it to me.

“I’ll explain how this works in a second. But first, I need to show you why your hip feels the way it does and never seems to get better”

He then showed me a 3D model of a hip joint with each muscle and ligament shown.

“The easiest thing a doctor or physical therapist can do is tell you there’s nothing that can be done and surgery is the only option. But I don’t want you to jump into something that can’t be reversed. Instead, I’ll explain to you the real root cause behind your sciatica pain and how it can be treated.”

He then explained to me that the reason most people suffer from sciatica has everything to do with the muscles and joints around the sciatic nerve. 

When the sacroiliac joint at the base of the spine and the piriformis muscle in the buttocks become unstable because of injury, overuse, or even from old age, they start pushing on the sciatic nerve.

The pinching pressure on the nerve is the reason why you experience throbbing sciatica pain radiating from your lower back to your hip, groin, leg, and down to your toes. 

Here's The Hard Part…

For the sciatica to recover, the sciatic nerve needs to be freed from the pinching pressure put on it by the piriformis muscle and sacroiliac joint.

But without proper support to stabilize the joint and muscles, the pressure cannot be relieved and ultimately damages the sciatic nerve, causing a lifetime of pain.  

That’s why Dr. Austin created a product that helps to stabilize the lower back, hip, buttock, and groin to relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

Allowing for instant pain relief and proper recovery of the hip, lower back, groin, and the sciatic nerve itself.

He finished product development recently after working with proprietary medical manufacturers in the United States.

Since then, they’ve released it to the public as the Heated Ortho Hip Brace™ by Cardinal Health.

Dr. Austin explains how it works:

“The Heated Ortho Hip Brace uses proprietary Neo-Compression Stabilizing Technology to support the hip, groin, and thigh and stabilize the piriformis muscle and sacroiliac joint that are exerting painful pressure on the sciatic nerve. The device also increases blood circulation to reduce swelling, promote healing, and prevent re-injury through its heating and massaging capabilities.” 

If you're suffering from any sort of hip pain, you NEED the Heated Ortho Hip Brace™

It doesn’t matter if your hip pain is caused by sciatica, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome, sacroillitis, or pinched nerve, the Heated Ortho Hip Brace will help get rid of the pain and speed up recovery.

No matter what sort of sciatica pain you’re experiencing, the root cause of it all is inflammation due to the pressure being exerted on the sciatic nerve. Relieving that pressure and preventing continuous re-injury is vital for the sciatic nerve’s recovery.

Trust me, I’ve been through it all and it scares me to know that if this one physiotherapist didn’t tell me about this, I’d still be suffering from sciatica pain today.

What’s even scarier is knowing that with the continuous pressure put on it, the sciatic nerve gets closer to never being able to function the way it was, causing permanent pain and loss of movement.

Don’t sit around hoping for your sciatica pain to go away. And don’t rely on pain medications or massages that just get rid of the pain temporarily. You need to relieve the pressure on your sciatic nerve to give it the chance to recover!

What makes the Heated Ortho Hip Brace™ better than other hip braces?

Is the Heated Ortho Hip Brace uncomfortable?

When I first got it, I was worried that it’d be super uncomfortable and that I’d give up wearing it in a few days. But I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is!

The neoprene material is very soft and almost has a bouncy memory foam-like feel to it. I wear it day and night and barely notice it’s there. But I do admit, sometimes when I’m moving around a lot, I do get a bit uncomfortable. But wearing it over clothing instead of underneath it makes it a lot better. 

It even has adjustable straps that I loosen or tighten when I want a little more comfort. Overall, it’s very comfortable, and in most use cases, you’ll be completely fine with it.

And if you consider how much it relieves sciatica pain, it’s a no-brainer! My sciatica pain was so much worse without the Heated Ortho Hip Brace. Even if the brace started to get a little uncomfortable, I still felt infinitely better with it on. I’d take wearing this over stabbing sciatica pain any day of the week.

So if you’re worried about comfort being an issue, trust me… sciatica pain is a lot worse, and you’ll be better off with the brace. No doubt about it!

Is the Heated Ortho Hip Brace better than a massage, physical therapy, or medication?

While all those things do help a bit, they don’t actually target the root problem, which is the sciatic nerve being constricted and inflamed and prevented from recovering due to continuous enveloping pressure.

Plus, unlike a massage or physical therapy session, you can use the Heated Ortho Hip Brace device whenever and wherever you want. There’s no need to pay $100 per hour to consult a chiropractor or physical therapist.

The best part about this product is that it has temperature control and massage features of its own. I just turn them off and on whenever I want. 

Constantly putting drugs into my system so I wouldn’t feel the pain wasn’t an option for me either. I wanted something that actually got rid of the pain instead of covering it up as painkillers do.  

In the end, medication, massages, exercise, and physical therapy only provide temporary relief for a few hours maximum. To get long-term relief from sciatica pain, you must fix the root cause of the issue. To do so, you need to relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve day and night.

If you want immediate relief from sciatica pain, as well as prevention of constant sciatic pressure and to promote long-term sciatic health, you should get the Heated Ortho Hip Brace.

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Here's What Satisfied Heated Ortho Hip Brace Customers Had To Say:

Great product! 👍 Easy to use and works very well 🤩

Great product! 👍 Easy to use and works very well 🤩

Ashley U. | Verified Review

I love the Heated Ortho Hip Brace. My lower back, hip, thigh, calf, and foot feel so much better now. For the first time, I was able to sleep through the night after being in pain and waking up every 4 hours for 6 months. Amazing. I am really in love with this!

This actually works!

This actually works!

Jason T. | Verified Review

I've been living with sciatica for the last couple of months and a friend recommended this product. The results were instant and amazing. I didn't realize how much low-grade pain I had been enduring until I put this on. 99% of the pain and discomfort immediately went away. In fact, the effects were so dramatic, it was like taking medication, but without side effects.


This brace is comfortable, easy to put on, and it fits perfectly. (I'm around 6' with a medium build) I'm definitely going to order another one, so I can always have a fresh brace on hand.

Old Hip Injury Pain - Incredible Improvement

Old Hip Injury Pain - Incredible Improvement

Kelly P. | Verified Review

My husband, a carpenter, has suffered from sciatica pain for 20 years now. He lives in a constant state of pain, which means I often don't get a good night's sleep (nor does he). He's been wearing this hip brace daily for over a week. It supports his hip, thigh, and lower back allowing him to work with less pain throughout the day; he has slept with it on, which has given him relief in order to sleep. Seriously, he said this is one of the best things he's ever purchased. 

If you're suffering from sciatica pain and want a real solution, there's no reason not to try the Heated Ortho Hip Brace

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Don't sit around waiting and hoping, you don't have forever...

If you don’t make a change, your sciatica pain won’t magically disappear. It’ll keep getting constricted and inflamed because of continuous pressure being exerted on it. It needs to be relieved of the pressure using the Heated Ortho Hip Brace to properly recover!

Take it from me, I suffered from sciatica pain for years before I finally found this. And the results have been incredible.

Don’t let inflammation continue to build up in your sciatic nerve and result in permanent loss of mobility and pain.

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